This is a power move and is great for the shoulders, upper back, arms, and abs.

Torso Twist Abs Punch

1.The first thing to remember is to engage your abdominal muscles by pulling your naval back and towards your spine. It is important to keep these muscles engaged during the entire exercise. It is common for people to try and hold their breath when their abs are engaged in this manner. Practice a few times engaging the abs and breathing at a steady pace.

2.Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart.

3.Keep a slight bend in the knees.

4.From the shoulder twist the shoulder and bring the right hand out and across your chest, as though you’re going to punch something.

5.Bring that hand back in quickly moving the shoulder back.

6.Come forward with the left hand in the same manner.

7.Speed it up, move quickly from one side to the other.

8.All that is moving are the shoulders and arms.

9.If you want to increase the intensity bend your knees a little more as if you were coming into a partial squat.

10.Repeat for a total 20 repetitions on each side.