For my weekly hike, I revisited the Liberty Bell Arch in southern Nevada. The trail leads through White Wash for about half a mile, over an old magnesium mine, and then across bare desert for nearly two miles. I continued on, past the arch, for another half mile or so to get to the lookout point above the arch. The lookout offers spectacular views of the Colorado River nearly 1000 feet below.

It was a nice day, with moderate temperatures and a slight breeze. I did have a slight mishap. I slid off a volcanic rock and scraped my forearm. A bit of GermX and I was fine. Scrapes like this always remind me of my childhood and give me an excuse to use Bactine again.

In the past, this trip has been filled with lots of different birds, but this time around, very few to be scene. And, I’ve yet to see a Bald Eagle, which are said to roost in the Purple Mountains. I did see a few prickly pear cacti in bloom and lots of small lizards.

All-in-all, it was a nice day and a good five hours in the desert.

Gregory A. Kompes
Hiking & Backpacking Editor