Couples in the Park

(Park in Asnieres with Couples)

A tiny stroked sky
just a hint of yellow,
skinny tree trunks
but lush, lush are the leaves,
and grass and other foliage
behind three couples
placed leisurely in the park
celebrating the weather
and couplehood.
one couple walks on the grass
her arm tucked under his.
behind them a woman sits on the grass,
nearby, her man reclines
studying her face.
you'll want to gaze at the third couple:
she sits on a bench, parasol leaning
over left shoulder; he is standing,
leaning into her, his hand on her knee,
her hand on his hand, but he is not yet
looking into her eyes, she is looking at
his face, and the next moment, the moment
we will not see, he will turn and kiss her mouth.
moments later all the couples will ease out of the park
to seek shelter from the late afternoon rain
that at this point there is not even a hint of
and make love.

Vincent van Gogh's Park in Asnieres with Couples

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