It's been my experience and I mean literal -

Debbie, how you did it and the process, is pretty much accurate.

It isn't psychological or in your mind. They remain, (again it's been my experience) close for a time where there's actually something of a portal of communication, a window.

There's the grieving thing to, but those dreams feel different.

Eventually, they "process" best word I can get, "Over."

When that happens, what I call "Visitations" then happen once in a great while.

Those happen pretty much like a radio. The channel on both ends have to be clear. They seem to happen less when you're trying and more when both parties have progressed or moved on in some way.

It's an instant. But it's one you'd swear was absolutely REAL! And that's a "Truth-Eyes." Can't defile truth-eyes. For me anyway, it's a forbidden smile

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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