Ok, so while writing my weekly article about pan de muertos with a recipe, I decided I could not include the recipe without testing it first. Naturally, right?

So I follow the recipe exactly for a "traditional" pan de muertos, I rolled my eyes as I added 1 pound of lard, and mixed and kneaded by hand. It was a lot of work because the mixing is totally by hand. I let the dough rise for 2 hours. It did rise a little but did not double in size. I bake it as instructed. I ended up with a very greasy, doughy mess. So I had to find another recipe.

By the time I was done it was well past bedtime but I ended up with two delicious loaves of pan de muerto. Since I watch my weight by eating low-carb, I don't eat bread other than pinching off a piece to try. So today I am mailing the second loaf to my BF, I hope it is not stale by the time it arrives. LOL!