This week's exercise is a variation of a Pilates move.

1- Lie on your back with your arms extended back over the head.
2- Knees are bent with feet flat on the floor.
3- You can use any type of ball for this, something the size of a soccer ball will do. If you do not have a ball use a full pillow instead.
4- Place the ball or pillow between your knees and squeeze it, engaging the inner thighs and quads. Keep squeezing throughout the entire exercise.
5- Take a deep inhale. Engage your core, drawing your navel back towards your spine. Keep this position as you perform the exercise.
6- Begin to roll up from the floor, head, shoulders, upper back until you are in a seated position.
7- Bring the arms up also as they reach towards the knees and beyond, if possible.
8- Slowly roll back down to the floor in this order: upper back, shoulders, head, and take the arms back over the top of the head.
8- One of the most important parts of this exercise is to engage the abs and keep them engaged throughout all of the repetitions.
9-Repeat the exercise 10 times.