Here is great new exercise for you to practice this week. It is called Windshield Wipers.

1. You will need a rolled up bath towel.
2. Start by lying down on the floor; knees bent; feet flat on the floor.
3. Put the rolled towel between your knees and squeeze the towel throughout the exercise.
4. Lift your knees into a table top position.
5. Bring your arms into a T position and keep your neck straight as you look towards the ceiling.
6. Engage your abdominals, drawing your abdomen towards your spine. Don't hold your breath.
7. Drop both knees to the right side. Do not touch the floor but let the knees hoover a few inches from the floor.
8. Use the strength of your engaged core and the knees pressured on the towel and lift yourself back to knees in tabletop position at center.
9. Take a breath and perform the movement to the left side.
10. Keep your knees off the floor at all times and continue dropping the knees from side to side, always pausing at the center to inhale, and exhale as you lower your knees.
Repeat the movement 10 times to each side and build up to 15 times on each side.

Advanced Version: If you would like more of a challenge then try this:
1. Bring your knees to center and slowly drop to the right.
2. Once your knees have been dropped to the side straighten both legs out straight.
3. Do not drop your legs to the floor, but continue to hoover above the floor.
4. Bend your knees and return to center, pause and take your breath then perform the movement on the left side.
5. Repeat the movement 10 times to each side and build up to 15 times on each side.