A poster in another thread brought up a good topic. She said that in the wealth area of her yard she had a compost heap and septic tank. Yikes!

I discussed with her the reasons why this was not good for feng shui purposes and what she could do to remedy it. But here I thought I would mention other things NOT to place in the wealth area of a yard:

1. Barbecue grill. You'll be burning up your wealth.
2. Smoking area. All your wealth will go up in smoke.
3. Dog house. Will money problems keep you in the dog house with your mate? The phrase "dog house" implies getting sent to sleep outside with the dog after being kicked out of the house by your mate. However, if you earn a living by raising dogs, training dogs, etc. then this is not a bad placement for your dog house.
4. Old, unused machinery. Not good to keep any broken things anywhere but especially in the wealth corner of the yard.
5. Unplanted garden. A barren garden means there is no wealth growing in your bank accounts.
6. Animals that only consume. This means any type of animal that is strictly a pet and not livestock.

Some good things to keep in this area:
1. A clean, well-functioning water feature. Let your wealth flow! A fish pond is good as long as you keep the water clean.
2. Green, lush plants.
3. Flowering shrubs.
4. Fruit trees.
5. An abundant garden.

If you must place animals in this area, it is better to keep rabbits, chickens or livestock. These animals multiple quickly and so they represent multiplying your money. Livestock is currency, too, since you sell them or use them for food. Don't keep a pet goat or reptiles in this area.

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