Something borrowed, something blue!

Hi there one and all - and no I am not lost on the Wedding site! I am here at home with containers and gardening!

This is the theme of a garden of one of my neighbours ... and of course you guessed it, she has just got married and this is her theme plan for her container gardening set up. She has quite a large space set aside for just containers so I can't wait to see what she does with it.

I will be following what she does anyway and can report back - blue flowers and plants and vegetables? "I'll do my best to keep as close to my theme as I can..." she says.

Well blue plant suggestions please - aubergines can go even though the are purply, and blue flowering herbs like rosemary and lavender and lobelia and felecia daisies and plumbago - guess these will all pass the blue test. Old and new are easy I guess, and borrowed? Well, while she is setting up she is borrowing planting tools like shears and a hedge cutter!

Do you have any ideas to offer - please send them Alicia's way via this forum, and I say thanks.

Did you ever restrict yourself to a specific theme? Please tell us what you did and how it turned out, thanks

Cheers now

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