I'm new to this site and thought I’d start a topic where we could all share our rare romantic finds I recently read, The Eternity that Follows by a new author Diane Marie. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this book because I absolutely loved it. The book was at times hot and sexy and at others fun and exciting, all while being adorably romantic. Like so many books I read before, I couldn't put it down -- I tend to do that but have found in my time it doesn’t happen much with emerging authors but every now and again I find a rare find. I have passed the word on to my friends who enjoy the same type of novels as me and I hope they do read it so I have someone to chat with, I'm even trying to get my boyfriend to read it but that so far is a no-go lol. That’s what brought me to this forum, looking for someone who read it and thought it to be as good as I did. If you haven’t read it and enjoy contemporary romance or even the mainstream you should check it out. I'm currently reading another novel by the same author, but anyone else have a rare romantic find for my reading list or one they want to pass on to others?