The Emperor This is one of my favorites of the masculine cards in the Tarot. He has such depth of meaning and so many interpretations. My favorite lesson of the Emperor I think though focuses on learning the difference between discipline (positive, motivating, etc) vs punishment (defeatist, demeaning etc)

I hope you'll enjoy this weeks article featuring some Tarot wisdom with the Emperor.

Sorry for so much MIA time lately. We decided to do handmade holiday gifts for the family which has involved woodwork, sanding, staining, restoring old photographs, lots of decoupage medium, fixative, polyurethane etc. Needless to say we got in a bit over our heads wink but the projects are turning out wonderfully. Eventually I should be done enough to see the light of day again lol. Every spare moment away from work has been spent on these projects wink. Hope you all are well!

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