If you are one person who debates every year should I buy a real tree or not this may be for you:

Many tree experts including Christmas tree farmers believe it is green to have a real tree in one's home for Christmas, here'e why:
If done correctly tree farmers dedicate land to growing Christmas trees exclusively~to them then it is considered a renewable resource.

Trees can be then chipped into mulch for garden beds and playgrounds. They also can be used to prevent erosion where needed.
scientists believe that a spruce or pine will absorb about 1 ton of CO2~

Artificial trees are most likely imports which widens the carbon footprint-
older artifical trees contain lead.
newer artifical trees contain pvc's & metal- which are not biodegradable~

As you can see it may make sense to buy from your NEAREST tree farmer. Also most cities offer a free chipping program to help you dispose of the tree.

Some sources are: Minnesota Christmas Tree Assoc., Earth911(dot)com- a For Profit company.

I learned something new!

Mary Caliendo
Green Team Member

Mary Caliendo
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