My four year old step daughter was molested by her father last year during her scheduled summer vacation. The way that i seen it there was two roads to take the system or my way and when it all came down to it my mother inlaw took it the legal way first getting involved witht the local carl perkins center and then they connected us witht the police and an investigation was launched. My brave fouryear old repeated the same story that she had told all the rest of us atleast nine officials and so they stopped her visits on a temporary basis until we could goto court on the matter. My step daughter in all of this descriBED 'balls'in a most generic matter and her mother interpreted that to be her x's genital piercing and since he had taken it out long ago according to the investigator he was able to lawyer up and get his visits back. The department of child services lawyer decided that rather than be thrown out for bad information they would reinstate his visits under supervision of his mother and well that is of no help because she babies him and protects him and she was there when it happend last time . So for over a year now we have been to court and following orders from the system that is doing nothing to protect this little girl, and now we are 5 days from her going back for her summer visits aGAIn (which is where and when it happend last time) all of the lawyers money can buy are standing around like its a cold war and no one is doing anything to keep this child from being subjected to the peril that awaits. Before you suggest to not send her the judge seems to think that if we dont send her it is violation of the custody agreement and if my wife does not send her it will be jail time. None of this is made any better by the fact that my wifes first husband was a child moslester as well and the court is looking at it as if there is no way that one woman could get with two child molesters and she is just a villian seeking sole custody of her children when after all there is documented proof that the oldest daughter would be returned to her mother with adult genital stench in her small lady parts. I am at my wits end and seriously i dont want anything to happen to my lil girl but the courts wont do anything and i feel that i am backed against a wall with nothing that i can do. So please what would you do ?