Do any of you watch the Kentucky Derby and/or celebrate with a good dessert to eat during the race? Although I've never been to the race, my Kentucky-born husband has and likes to make a big deal of it, so I try to come up with something every year that reminds him of Kentucky.

Are any of you planning to entertain or cook something special? I'm running out of ideas. The race is always run on the first Saturday in May, so it's almost here. I posted a recipe for Kentucky Bourbon Brownies (which I adapted to my easy brownie mix that is on the site), but I've eaten so many that I've gained 5 pounds and don't think it would be a good idea to make them again for Derby Day or I'll end up as big as the horses.

I'm not suggesting something low-fat or yucky, of course, but maybe you Southerners serve something that we northerners don't know about that is worth the calories.

Karen Hancock, Desserts Editor
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