Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a fine and enjoyable Eastertime break. Here in S Africa (as a lot of places elsewhere) we have just had a straight 4-day break and then later on this month we get 27th April off for a public holiday as well as 1 May. So there is another slow/down time to look forward to ... of course not if you are in business - these holidays can cause havoc with production schedules.


Do you do any Hatha yoga at all? On your balcony or porch or verandah or patio amongst your containers? Do you have the space? Have you thought about it if you do and don't?

I have met people who can and do and they report such good feelings being outside communing with their bit of nature. And when time is of essence even a 10 minute meditation session sitting quietly there works well.

Please let us know your thoughts and I say thanks,

Lestie Mulholland - Container Gardening Editor

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