[url=http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art34499.asp]Tips for Online Sale Shopping[/url] I enjoy finding a good deal online. There's great pleasure in finding a product at a better price than I can find locally or, since I live in a town with very limited shopping options, cannot find here at all. I have to admit, I've taken a couple of knocks shopping online, but I've learned a couple of tricks to make sure I get what I want at a price that's a real deal. If you've thought about shopping online but aren't sure how to make sure you're getting a real deal, I heve a couple of common-sense ways to make sure you're not about to get ripped off. Share tips and tricks you've discovered about purchasing products online with our Senior Living community. Do you have a favorite spot to shop? Any tricks for finding better deals? Here's you chance to help others with your experience.