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Regarding posts:
  • this forum is a "safe" space for those who pursue body art to come and interact. As such, threads or postings that insult people for having body modifications, discussions that devolve into flame wars and preaching/proselytizing may be locked, and repeat violators will be reported to Bellaonline management.
  • Commercial Postings, i.e. advertisements - I prefer postings that can lead to further discussion about body art, or advertise real-life events, as opposed to blatant commercials. Posts that merely ask visitors to go to another site will most likely be deleted.
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  • The editor/moderator reserves her rights to edit postings, move topics to new threads or delete messages at her discretion.
If you have questions about Nose Piercings, there are many articles written just on this topic. I suggest you go to the Nose Piercing Article index and read the articles about nose piercings BEFORE you post your question here.

If you are looking for a picture of a tattoo from a movie, you will want to read the article Finding Pictures of a Movie Tattoo. Please note, I do not do searches for pictures of movie tattoos for people, nor do I have pictures to send people in response to requests for movie tattoo pics.

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