I have been away for a few weeks and came back yesterday to a community that is grieving. I saw the horrific news on tv while away and sort of blocked it out so as not to deal with it but it is not so easy to do now that I am home. On Monday, a teen gunman shot 5 students at a nearby high school. 3 have since died. All of the communities around here are in mourning and I believe shock. You never think it will happen where you live, but it does. At this point I don't think it matters why he did it the fact is , he did. You can't change what happened. So many lives are changed forever and things will never be the same for these young people or our communities. Their innocence was taken from them and our sense of safety in a small community is gone in a way.
I would like to ask for prayers for the 2 victims as they recover and their families. Please pray for the families of those who did not make it. And also please pray also for the gunman. Many don't think he needs them but I believe he does. I make no excuses for him but hink how much pain he must have been in to lead him to such drastic actions.