Every person that does not lay down (sleep) on his stomach in his sleep at night and collapsed as narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said (she decubitus people of Hell). He (she hated decubitus God Almighty) Narrated by Abu Dawood, the attribution true. And my father Hrirhreda upon him said: "The Messenger of Allah, peace and a man lying on his stomach, he said that this manner of lying hated by Allah and His Messenger." Narrated by al-Tirmidhi isnaad. And narrated Iboamamh may Allah be pleased with him said: "The Prophet, peace be upon him and a man sleeping in Almsadjadmenbtah on his face hit him with his foot and said: Do they sleep and incapacitated hellish" Narrated by Ibn Majah. Modern science has proven that sleeping on the right side is the best in achieving housing, health and physical asleep. It is the secrets of sleep on the right side: - The left lung is smaller than the right so the heart lighter. - And be stable liver does not hold. - Stomach and stuck above all comfort. - Easier to empty what's inside after the digestion of food. - Sleeping on the right side of the finest medical procedures that facilitate the function Algosbatallrioah left to put in the speed of mucous secretions. Some studies have also shown that the pillow of the right hand with the right side of the brain leads to a series of events through which the vibrations are emptying the brain of excess cargo and harmful, leading to relaxation appropriate for a perfect sleep Harmful effects of sleep on the back: - An oral breathing Onalvm open when you lie down on the back to relax the lower jaw. And breathing from the mouth be subject to frequent colds and flu in winter, and drought cause gum inflammation and then to xerotica, as it raises potential cases of hyperthyroidism or hypertrophic Aldkhamaallthwaih. - In this situation also, the soft palate and uvula oppose and obstruct the course of Faraganalkhichom Victher Algtit breathing and snoring. - Wake up breathing space from his mouth and his tongue coated white unusual addition to bad breath. - This position is suitable for the spine because it is not straight, and either contains the Antinain cervical and lumbar. - Lead in children to platycephaly if accustomed for a long time. Harmful effects of sleep on the left side: - Then the heart is under pressure Alrihalemeny, which is larger than the left, which affect its function and reduces its activity, especially Andalmsnin. - Pressing full stomach it will increase the pressure on the heart and liver. - Remains the liver, which is the heaviest organ is flat, and hanging, and is located on the Ganbaloamn Fadguet on the heart and the stomach, delaying elimination. - Experience has shown that conducted Galth and Putzeyh * The passage of food from the stomach to the intestine is in Fterhttraouh between 2.5 and 4.5 hours if the sleeping on the right side and not only in the 5 8 hours if left on its side. From here aware of this tolerance of religion in the manners and his commitment to achieve all the benefits of the slaves and the payment of all the evil consequences of the physical or moral I seek refuge in you from the evils of ethics