I don't know how many times I have felt guilty because someone will approach me for donations for worthy causes. Especially the the natural disasters the world has been having lately. It seems like the time is now to help, there seems to be more behind all these disasters than pure coincidence. With all my medical bills I have a rotating bill paying system. Ah..it works to some degree. The point being, is I always feel guilty when I have to say no. A person loses their home, they are far worst off than I am so that makes me feel bad.

Something I have been able to give freely is my time. I have always been there for people be it Habitat for Humanity, Historical Society, Red Cross ( I can't donate blood because of several past cancers but I can run drives and classes) private fundraisers, one was for a little girl that needed a liver transplant. I didn't raise a fortune, but I raised awareness, enough to have her on the nightly news for days, and enough to get her transplant ok'ed! The point being, even if you can't give funds there is always giving of yourself.

When I heard about the tornadoes so close to home, it really struck home. Our little town is in the Mid West very much like the other little towns that will never be the same. I wanted to be there to help the people, I wanted to be there to help the people I am no longer physically able to do so, no am I financially able to do so.

But I can give in another fashion, I can help a rescue that brings in birds and parrots that have lost their owners or their owners have lost their houses, what ever the case may be. I can help bring awareness to the Pepsi Challange. This veterinarian is working so hard to help these misplaced animals. She has a practice, she runs the rescue. I've had full sized rescues in the past and it is a lot of work. Just cleaning bedding, cages, supplies takes a ton of time and that is such a small part of the work involved with a rescue.

I am asking for a moment of your time, just a moment. Vote everyday! Help Burge Bird Rescue-Give us a Vote-Click Here!

You may also text a vote in. Send the text to PEPSI (73774) This is the text message-107464. Help this veterinarian win the Pepsi Challenge. Vote daily, get your friends to vote, find Pepsi products and use the power codes. Put the information on social pages such as Facebook. The contest last to the end of the month. We have dropped back to 10th place. Last month they were winning until the end, last couple of days lost...LOST after all that effort. They have this one last chance.

You want to help, now you have a chance to help animals, and all it takes is going to a website and or texting (you can do both everyday! Please help me with this push, I need your help badly. I need to see this through to her winning because I know in my heart of hearts she deserves to win. I can't imagine being an animal and no longer having my owners, or home. A big scarey storm and everything is lost. Thank goodness Burge rescue was there for them.

Learn more about the Burge rescue Save Homeless Companion Birds

Please help with this last push, we need your help.