I was abused terribly by my parents(physical) and one of my siblings, an uncle, and a cousin(all three sexual); many years later in life I went to the police and they said it is too late to file charges. In my situation I have informed my family that I plan not to attend any more family gatherings because of all the sexual abuse I suffered from my brother, uncle, and cousin however my family says that I must not be taking my medication (I have bipolar disorder) and they try to force me into the psychiatric hospital for refusing to attend family functions. When I state why I do not want to attend family functions and talk about the abuse they act as if I am crazy when they know full well that they were abused also. I know because I witnessed much of the abuse. They harass me around holidays and birthdays to try to get me to attend family functions like reunions, Christmas, Thanksgiving... this was when I was advised to seek help from victims advocacy for harassment and possible unlawful imprisonment if they keep insisting that I go to the hospital and force me there by legal petition. I'm not sure what's going to happen now I really love my family but I am afraid of many of them and no longer want to see a lot of them especially if my abusers are also in attendance. I wish I knew what to expect and how to handle this process. It's all just so insane I never met people like this before except in my own family even though I know they are out there I just can't do the family thing any more I have my own son to think about. My abusers like males and females. My parents (one still living) abused me physically to keep me quiet about the abuse I said that I was going to tell my teacher so they kept me out of school a long time they only allowed me to eat on Saturdays 3 crackers and a glass of water until I agreed not to tell and I always remembered the one Saturday they forgot to feed me. They would beat me choke me until I fainted and smother me until I passed out. I'm almost 50 and I just can't take it any more they have abused and mistreated me at least 10 different ways on God only knows how many occasions. I want to keep in touch with my siblings who were abused like myself but they are in denial. They(my siblings) planned a party at the home of our uncle abuser and I told them I will not attend let me know if you decide to change the location then I will come... so they went ahead with the party and didn't tell me the date or anything they just showed up and said where's the cake you're supposed to bring the cake to the party so I went out of town and checked into a hotel because they are crazy. I emailed them and told them I was not bringing a cake to a party that I was not going to attend they said you knew about the party and you knew you were supposed to bring the cake I'm confused.... I told them I don't know why you're confused I explained everything to you more than once I don't want to be around my abusers ever again. Then they asked me if I was taking my medication. my question is do you think I've gone to far is it too extreme to end my family ties with my abuser? I don't think so. I'm in the last half of my life and no more bull. It's crazy to sit around with a fake smile and laugh like everything is ok when all along we know that we have been abused and there is a threat to us and our children and grandchildren. also my question is has anyone ever come out like this and what can I expect. I would hate to press charges for harassment of my own siblings who were abused too just because they are in denial.

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