I started watching the Social Network last night and I'm actually enjoying this movie more than I thought I would even though I'm not a big facebook user, the story is very interesting.

My favorite part so far is when the entire issue of monetization comes up. Eduardo says we need to monetize the site and Mark says hell no. This is the classic mistake that most bloggers make too. They try to monetize their blog way too early or right away.

Monetizing without traffic is pointless and will hurt your ranking. Here's why:

M = T x C x V x R

M = the money you make in dollars per day/week/month

T = your site traffic unique visitors per day/week/month

C = the % conversion rate of visitors to buyers/clickers

V = the value to you of the product/ad in dollars

R = the recurring sale factor as a number 1.0 or greater

Here's how this formula applies to adsense:

T = 10,000 unique visitors per month
C = .05 (five of every 100 visitors click)
V = $0.60 average value per click
R = 1.0 because each click is a one-time click

Simply apply the formula to calculate how much you would make per month:

M = T x C x V x R
M = 10,000 x .05 x $0.60 x 1.0 = $300 per month

Took me 4 months to monetize my first site/blog but it was worth the wait. Try not to rush this. You'll be glad you didn't.

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