Scholastic and Briarpatch are on the back of this card game box that I picked up in one of the "mart" stores.

There are 16 silhouettes on each card. BUT - on each card, some of the silhouettes are colored in. That means THOSE are the ones you need to match with the lead card. If the silhouette is grayed out, that means you can ignore those pictures.

Simple rules help youngsters play the game. It does say ages 4 and up on the side of the box. 1 - 4 players are needed.

In addition to the regular games they show you rules for, adults could also play an icebreaker game with these cards. Hand everyone a card and the silhouettes that are colored in would need to be matched with three other people at the party.

You could also play a version of Concentration with this deck. Lay a 5 x 5 square face down on a table. One by one, turn over two cards. If one of the colored in silhouettes match, take them off the board - you have made a pair. Keep going until you cannot match any more.

Robin Rounds Whittemore
Card Games Editor