Facebookers got a preview of the trailer for X-Men: First Class last week by following the link on the X-Men Facebook page to YouTube.

The new movie goes back to the beginning, when Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr first met, before they became Professor X and Magneto. The movie promises to reveal a �secret history� of famous global events, while mutants were discovering their powers.

Starring Charles McAvoy as Charles Xavier, and Michael Fassbender as Magneto, the movie introduces some new mutants, and some familiar faces � when they were much younger.

The trailer starts off low key and slightly menacing, showing the younger versions of Professor X and Magneto, then shows a group of mutants watching JFK�s famous address to the nation on the stand off between the US and Russia over the Cuban Missile Crisis.

A series of intriguing glimpses of new characters and action scenes hint at the remarkable special effects, but offer little on the quality of the performances of the actors now in the lead roles. The movie will be released on June 3, and no doubt X-Men fans everywhere are eager for that date.

Has anyone seen the trailer? What do you think?

Gail Kavanagh
Gail Kavanagh