As an addendum to the article Accessories and How They Enhance

I also wanted to say that when choosing/wearing necklaces, there are a couple of things to remember. If it's short it will place emphasis on your face, you know, draw the eye there. If the necklace is longer it will draw attention to your chest or cleavage. Pieces longer than 18 or 20" compliment an outfit, just be careful not to snag your lovely accessory on a drawer, doorknob or something similar.

A note about heavy earrings:
I've never forgotten this. As a young woman, one particular time I had a headache. A lovely older co-worker saw that I was about to take aspirin. She suggested that for a little while I might remove the heavy earrings I was wearing. She said I might get some relief. Much to my surprise that was the case!

Also for those of you who wear heavy earrings take care because with extensive wear, these can pull, elongate or even damage earlobes.

However, jewelry lovers rejoice! Now days earrings can be found in beautiful as well as lightweight styles!