Hello Ladies! Have a new project that deals with the subject of self-defense for women and others. This is not like any other book or program on this subject written to date. It is focused almost exclusively on women and the unique problems that have plagued all women throughout history; i.e. rape, spousal-murder, etc. The approach is radically different from anything ever seen or taught and is very effective. The book does not deal with techniques, fighting systems, etc but the overall subject and how to defeat the ambush/stalking super-predator rapist/killer under almost any circumstance. So, I really would like to have a woman collaborator both as writer and co-student/sparring partner. Distance being a factor, the actual sparring part might come later or with your own set of instructors at your location. Again, this is not a book about martial arts or certain techniques but has elements of course of all and any effective fighting techniques but is mostly about the greatest weapon you have, your mind. The book is a guaranteed seller and you would get 50% of all/any profits/royalties, co-authorship credit, etc You do not need to be: trained in fighting or writing, just an aptitude to learn how to learn to defend yourself and like to write. Please contact me at thepenandpaper@gmail.com thanks