Have you ever had a teacher tear your paper up in front of you and tell you it was too sloppy? Did the teacher say, "You need to do that over!" If this has never happened to you, can you imagine how it would feel?

This week's article, "Handwriting Struggles and ADD," will be featured tomorrow. I talk about some handwriting strategies that I have found effective while working with students who have ADD. Yes, many of us who live with ADD do struggle with our handwriting! In third grade, my beloved teacher made me write with a special pencil and sit in the row for people who had poor handwriting. My feelings were really hurt.

Mrs. Snyder was one of the most caring teachers that I ever had, and I don't think she ever realized how humiliated that I was by that stupid "special" pencil. It was designed to improve my grip.

The pencil did not work. My handwriting is still far from gorgeous. Even at my age, with years of practice, I write slowly. Maybe this is why I try so hard to help my students with written work issues.

How's your handwriting? What teachers helped you? Were there any who just did not understand that you REALLY were trying your hardest on their work? You were giving your best.

May all of your days have blessings that you can find!

Connie Mistler Davidson-Editor-ADD/Sandwiches/Reading
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