First of all I want to say that I am happy to have found a site that is geared to women in situation like mine and that offer real life solutions and if nothing more advice... Hopefully the story I'm about to tell has a final chapter coming. I have been with my abuser for 3 years. And have been dealing with his infidelity since day 1. The first instance of DV was when he got very upset over something so little. He came over to my house while my friends were there and as soon as I opened the door he choked me and threw me onto the stairs. I was horrified but no1 did anything. I was VERY embarrased and from that day on I kept the abuse to myself. After a bad fall out with my mother in 08 i moved in with him and his family. And now almost 3 years later I have scars bruises and what I belive is a dislocated jaw. I have been forced into sex. And when I dont comply he does it any way and would make remarks like,"idk what YOUR problem is but you better fix it before YOU have a problem" or "you must have forgotten who runs this" or "act like you know how is in charge or I'll put you back on lock". I forgot to mention I have been isolated from my best friends and any and all men from my past. And passerbys for that matter. Yes he is very controlling, abusive and extremely jealous and has a very short fuze. Alot of the abuse would take place in the basement of hell. Which is right under his aunt and uncles nose. His uncle being a federal officer does nothing to intervene but his sickly aunt breaks it up when she is coherent and hears whats going on. Most times I have to mask the situation from their 10 year old son as requested by them. And that kills me. Most people can hide abuse from the outside world by going home. But I was at home and still had to hide it. I felt shameful and at fault. 2 nights ago we had a fight. And although he broke my glasses in half smashed my $500 cell phone and popped my chains this was small compared to all other fights we had. But at the end of [i][b]this[/b][/i] fight I knew I was done. I made a failed attemt to leave the state after one of out fights but I moved back due to lack of money and somehow regaining contact with him. I tried to contact my mother for help out of the situation but all she seems to worry about is the car I began makin payments on and even asked me if I could "stick it out". Other than her I have no1 nowhere to turn where I feel safe other than where I fled to before. So this time I am building a solid plan to leave and playing his game for now. I kiss him goodbye tell him I love him as tho nothing is wrong. He knows hes wrong but is acting as tho nothing is wrong...... I guess the real reason behind my post is ask.... would this situation be justifiable to leave the state as I did before? I mean I have a full time job and have been here for almost 2 years. I had a placement test to go back to school but never went(due to me not having my glasses) and I just started making car payments.... These are not excues but considerations that I have to keep in mind when moving. Please help.. T.I.A