Did you know that there are a host of bras and accessories just waiting for you? Below I�ve listed a few.

Check them out, and by all means add more!!!

Thanks for sharing, Beautiful.

Shape fx � U-plunge Bra � at Newport News, for added cleavage and wearing beneath plunging necklines.

Want to prevent nipple peekage? Then forget those unhelpful sticky plastic bandages. Try Gel Petals, available at Macy�s, Target, Bloomindale�s, Sears and Amazon.

Strap Mates � prevent straps from slipping � at Amazon & biggerbras.com & other retailers

Try these from Playtex (some also available at JC Penney):

The White Tshirt Bra � at Target
The Full-Figure 18-Hour Airform � at Walmart
Full-Figure Lift & Shape Underwire Bra (beautiful!) � available online
The Thank Goodness It Fits Santoni Light Lined SoCup Bra - for smaller-chested women. This bra is offered in half sizes!
The Thank Goodness It Fits Seamless Stretch Foam Soft Cup - Amazon

There are, at Kohl�s:
Nursing Bras
Strapless & Convertible
Sports Bras

Chantelle Intimates makes a host of bras including the �Volupte� 2361 Seamless Minimizing Underwire Bra � at Nordstroms

For smaller breasted women, why not amp up your size with gel inserts and cleavage cupcakes � available online. Or try Smart Cups by Lipo � at QVC.com

Full figured Divas try the Jill Scott Butterfly Bra � At Ashley Stewart offers comfort for the back, smooths appearance of fat, and some have gel straps!!

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