New Esbilac Milk Killing Animals?

I have absolutely no idea how much truth is in this report. However, I have heard from friends that do wildlife rehabilitation that Esbilac is killing animals. There may also an issue with KMR, which evidently may be solved now. However, this is the information I have seen.

Supposedly Petag has a new formula and it �could� be killing animals. According to reports I have read the formula contains heavy coppers enough to kill an animal. The formula also has far less fat and protein that is listed on the label. Interestingly enough the independent laboratory results should significant levels of fiber when there should be none.

If you have had problems or if you know any factual information please post and list your source as soon as I have factual information I will write an article. If there is any truth to this I felt I should report it however, I am not writing an article until I have facts. Milk replacers by Petag. My raccoon as a baby.

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