Here is a quick "mini game" to play. There is not much to set up and the space is minimal. This would make a good game for children to play in the back seat of a car on a long trip. Play continues until people become bored. HOW TO PLAY The deck is dealt evenly, with extra cards put aside. One by one, players turn their cards face up. Whoever has the strongest card wins that round. SCORING: Hearts - unfortunately, hearts can easily be broken, so they are the weaker card in this game. The only way to win with a heart is if everyone throws out a heart and you have the highest value. Diamonds - they are a hard mineral and tougher than hearts. Spades - spades dig, so they could break a heart in half or bury a diamond into the ground. Clubs - well, they club (or bash) things, so they can bash a heart, dent a spade, and can push a diamond down into the ground. Therefore clubs are the most powerful card in this game. If all of the cards turn up to be the same suit - the winner of the round is the person with the highest card value. Aces high - 2's low.

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