This made me very sad and angry: [url=]the first paragraph here[/url]. Anonymous and OpenID comments are allowed there if you don't have a Blogger account, so feel free to comment. The person who posted that is this woman who apparently thinks she has to document and/or photograph practically every little thing in her life, and thinks she's all that because she got on a Food Network informercial and apparently has deals with some companies to provide prizes for contests on her blog (yes, she has two blogs). Her daughter is two years old; frankly she should've been more concerned with the fact that someone that young is already thinking about marriage (then again, two-year-olds say random stuff all the time- most parents just don't preserve it for posterity) rather than take the opportunity to ensure this "one man, one woman" stuff continues into future generations. "You're both girls so you'll both marry boys"? "Glad we got that cleared up"? I hope twenty years from now her daughter does marry a girl after all- sweet irony.

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