Greetings & Welcome to all of the new subscribers! I'm glad to meet all of the new i.d'ers and welcome many of the new friendships that have been made over the years smile

I've been updating the newsletters with class and consultation availability. Just incase we have some new subscribers or a newsletter was sent to spam, I just wanted to let everyone know that scheduling for classes & consultations takes approximately 2 weeks. You should get an email confirming payment right away though.

In the mean time, what will be helpful is to send an email or pm me with a photo of the person or person's the course work or consultations center around and a description or out line of what it is you are either wanting to occomplish in the classes (so I can write and prepare a course for you) or what you would like insight on during the consultation.

If you work closely with guides, try to meditate with your guide and mentally share with them what you would like to or are ready to address and that they are welcome to offer any insight they'd like to pass on during the reading as well.

Try to be as specific as possible with what you would like to discuss. Such as, instead of saying, "Will I ever have money?", you might want to say something like, "I'm at a cross-road with my career and money is an issue. Is there a direction I can take to begin building more income or starting a new career?"

Other information may come through as well as a visitor or two. I always leave it up to their scheduling as well.




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