In September Glamour readers went nuts for plus size model Lizzie Miller who appeared in a very small image within the magazine in a thong.

What got readers all excited was the fact she had some unretouched pooch hanging over her undies. If you missed it you can see the image of Lizzie Miller here.

The response was so good that Glamour got together a group of plus size models (some of my favorites being Crystal Renn and Kate Dillon) and had them pose nude. You can see the image at the F-Word blog as well as their intro. Don't worry, parts are covered.

Personally, I don't think any one size is perfect and I enjoy seeing women of all sizes. Just as I enjoy seeing all colors and ages. Some one needs to put a fashion magazine out called "Diversity" that covers all these things.

M.E. Wood - Large & Lovely Editor
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