I have never been a big fan of watching football on TV. In the past, I dealt with my husbands Sunday ritual of laying on the couch watching game after game... but now, my son is ready to join the ritual and I feel a little left out. Friends of mine started playing Fantasy Football as a family. They have a 8 and 10 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. My family was invited to one of their Sunday games and it was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed. The whole family was decked out in NFL jersey's. As the game started, the boys taunted their father with the game plan for the day. They attempted to wager their household chores! Each time, one of them scored the kids did this crazy dance. Their Mom was part of the action too. She said it was the best way to get her family together while letting her husband indulge in his Sunday ritual. She told me about a website that keeps it clean and easy Family Fantasy Sports. It's FREE and all prizing is based on college savings. Last year they gave away $40k and it was a Mom that won. I figured I have nothing to lose, so instead of losing my son and my husband for months, I'll be playing Fantasy Football. I know there are other Mom's like me out there so I thought I would share. The season kicks off on September 11th so there is still time to check it out. Wish me luck :)

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