Despite a life-long string of bad luck Yip Koo Hung ( Cantonese pop star Miriam Yeung) is basically happy, that is until one day the boss of the shop where she works calls her into his office and tells her he'll have to lay someone off and it's going to be her!

In an effort to keep her job, Yip schemes to get face time with a leading feng shui expert Lai Liu Po ( Hong Kong actor Tony Leung). Lai's divination reveals that not only is poor Yip cursed, but that if he helps her, he will also suffer. Lai takes up her cause anyway.

I give this romantic comedy an A+ for originality, there's absolutely nothing formulaic about it, however there wasn't enough romance for me. It was more of a funny screwball friendship type of comedy. I did enjoy the battle between Lai Liu Po and his arch enemy top numerologist Crab Duen and Yip's stepmother and her much younger rap star lover were hilarious, but there just weren't enough falling in love scenes between Yip and Lai for me to believe in this couple. Still overall this was a very entertaining movie. Besides I'd already seen Tony Leung fall in love in the deeply moving film "In the Mood for Love," one of my all time faves.

My Lucky Star was Made in Hong Kong in 2003
"Xing yun chao ren" is the Hong Kong: Mandarin title

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