Hey all, I have just finished my tourism degree and now thinking of getting a job on board a cruise ship and see the world. I have had 6 years retail experience and thought i would go into that and continue my retail sales while travelling. My question is that i have been working in retail sales for electrical products, cameras, printers, computers, gaming, speakers, mp3 players - things like that. What i have seen so far is that cruise ships have either jewelry, watches, cosmetics and gift stores. Now the only stores that i have seen would be working under the gift store because i have no experience in jewlry (being a guy and all lol) and well cosmetics lol. Watches i could get trained in and gift i dont know what that covers - misc? What type of stores are there on cruise ships? Have i missed some? While also, what would the chances be getting a job if i dont have product knowlegde in the leading stores such as watches, gift stores etc. Thanks alot!