I found out about this in an email and thought it worthy of passing on to all of you. I know there are some great candidates here on Bella Online, or some people who know some.
I would love to hear about someone here getting on the show and inspiring more people to live the life they want to live.
Here's the info.

MSN and Reveille � Producers of �The Office,� �Ugly Betty,� and �The Biggest Loser� � are casting a new online series that will feature inspiring stories about people that have finally made the leap from dreaming about a change to making their passion a reality! Have you ditched your inactive, corporate nine to five job to follow your real PASSION? Are you now a surf instructor, rock climber, caterer, or florist? If this sounds like YOU or someone you know, then we want to hear from you!

Are you pursuing the active lifestyle that you FINALLY realized you are so passionate about? Did you decide to shake the dust off your life and are now starting your �second act� by actively embracing the sort of new experiences you would never have considered, even when you were younger? Have you made your dreams of getting the most out of your life a reality?

If you are a HEALTHY and ACTIVE �Baby Boomer� (45-65 individual or couple) who has recently made a conscious decision to take positive steps towards reinventing your life, we are looking for you!


or you can answer the following questions in an email to
Please be sure to include in your email:
1. Full Name
2. Phone Number(s)
3. Recent photographs: 1 close up and 1 full body
(Please no hat or sunglasses�we want to see your face!)
4. Age
5. Height and weight
6. A Brief Bio
7. Why do you think you should be chosen for the show?
8. What is unique and interesting about the city you live in?
9. Is there an event in your city that coincides with your passion?
10. Where are your favorite places to eat that are unique to your city?

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