Hi, I love Southern food and am trying to learn to cook like my husband's grandma, but don't have anyone around to actually show me. I got some really good pork fat and tried making lard. I followed directions in Damon Fowler's cookbook. I think it scorched somehow even though I followed the instructions carefully because it has a burnt taste and is a tan color rather than white. So, I tried a second time. This time, after reading some other lard articles on the web, I made sure not to ever let it get really hot but kept it on a low temperature. It turned out a lot better and has a better taste, although it is still not pure white. Should I reheat it and skim it again? One blog said to add water when you put it into jars and then strain that off the next day after it hardens. This removes the last bits of protein. Should I use the oven instead of the stovetop? Any advice very much appreciated!!