I just got through reading Allan's article:
Improve Your Singing Skills

And his #1 tip for improving? - Listening!

I love it, because so many people get focused on all the fancy stuff, and do forget the basics like this.

I know my oldest son used to be a horrible singer - completely tone-deaf. Which just about killed me, the Mom that was a vocal major in college. eek I was like, "Where did my genes go?"

Then in 6th grade when he started middle school, he decided to join the band (playing saxophone) and he was very good at it.

All of a sudden he could sing, too! It finally hit me one day that his playing the saxophone, and really listening to the notes he played on it - and tuning it up every day with the piano and the rest of the band helped him to hear his own voice and find the pitch in singing, too.

I was totally amazed.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor