Five Must-visit Courtyard (Siheyuan) Hutong Bars in Beijing
Wanna explore some real taste of Beijing? Courtyard (Siheyuan) Hutong bars is one of the best choices. Stepping into the Beijing Hutongs hidden in the green trees and staring at the clear sky out of the ancient brick walls, we seem to have entered the blood vessels of the this ancient capital and melted into it and no longer just a traveler.

1, Free As a Bird, Bar & Caf�

�Building a resting place for the flying hearts.� The Chinese name of the �Free As a Bird� means �the place for wings to have a rest�. This tourism-theme bar is very popular among the backpackers who often gather here to share their experience in backpaking.

If you want to find the standard Beijing Siheyuan residence and have a booze there, Free As a Bird is a good option. The building of Free As a Bird keeps the exquisite structure of the traditional court-yard style residence with black bricks, grey tiles, red-and-green doors and windows and two old dated trees in the yard. At a breezy summer night when the exotic music plays in the oriental capital, you can bring your loved one to meet your best friends here which are music, travel, wine and delicious food.

Free As a Bird is always filled with legendary travel stories which are projected on the big screen on varieties of activities. The shy boy beside you is probably talking about his experience of climbing the Haba Snow Mountain, while the elegant girl drinking wine over there has some stunning adventures to share. And maybe in next journey you can join and travel with them together.

It looks like a tiny cafe hidden in the mountains when it is quite, and sounds like a joyful journey sometimes as well. The environments, settings and even the cuisines there including both eastern food and western food all have a strong sense of travel. Meanwhile, there are some Hutong hostels, budget backpackers and tourist sites nearby, which are very convenient for travelers.

Business time: 11:00 am to 3:00 am
Tel: 8610 - 64010979,64011126
Address: No. 30 Beixin Bridge Toutiao,Ghost Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
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