Thank you all for visiting my Stomach Issues Forum! I do want to supply you with any information you might need. If you type a word into the "Search" box in the upper left corner of the Stomach Issues forum or homepage screen, please make sure the spelling is correct, or your search word won't be found. frown

Also, sentences and questions probably won't go through. Example: Instead of asking "what should I eat if I have ...." simply type in the word diet and the condition. Or instead of "diarrhea all the time" use the words chronic diarrhea. Just a key word or two is all you need! If you still get no results, please come back and check in a week or two - there may be an upcoming article with your information in it. smile

A few common misspelled words are:
You may like to copy and paste them, or...

If you are not sure of the spelling of your search word, simply click on the ABC Check on your Google Toolbar, and it will offer you spelling options.

Also, any new article ideas that you would like to share, or problems you are having are always appreciated, via PM, email or here on the forum!

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