Icp - I just now came across your post and want to thank you for you kind words.

It was a blessed relief, knowing that Auntie had passed on to a better place and her family was no longer in confused misery and suffering from the loss of their loving Mother and Grandmother long before she passed on. To them, she had been gone for a few years for she was no longer the same and knew them not.

We are all thankful that she was in our lives. By her loving ways and gentleness, she gave us much throughout her life.

Her family is healing and my Mother, her sister, is at peace now through knowing her sister is at peace.

I can remember from a very early age that Auntie was the most gentle of sweet ladies.

Thank you.

Walk in Peace and Harmony.
Phyllis Doyle Burns
Avatar: Fair Helena by Rackham, Public Domain