I could have posted under the actual polls but was also wanting to test the new upgraded forum.
Both polls have recieved eight votes each and we'll keep the symptom one going for a while to see how it continues to go.
It looks so far like "fatigue" is the most common problem symptom in treated thyroid patients, getting 50% of the votes. "Weight gain" and "anxiety" are tied for second place, getting 25% of the votes each.
In the co-morbid conditions poll, "fatty Liver" recieved 3 votes and so did insulin resistence which is about 33% each. Adrenal fatigue and diabetes recieved one vote each or about 11% of the votes each.
Feel free to reply on this thread, by describing in more detail, your symptom and co-morbid condition struggles and treatments or other things that have helped you in these areas.

Jim Lowrance
Thyroid Health