Have you taken a look at alloFactor?

alloFactor is a free practice management software solution for medical practices. It is the only software a clinic would ever need as it supports all internal clinic functions including scheduling, registration, billing, EMR, reporting and all external interactions with payers including claim submission, ERA and eligibility verification. The software is built to allow communication with external agencies such as billing, transcription, appointment scheduling vendors. Since it has extensive functionality, website has free tutorials and free customer service to help customers become proficient with the system.

With an integrated database and automated workflow, alloFactor increases productivity, velocity and accuracy within the clinic. It is deployed as hosted solution eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware or backup solutions. All communication is encrypted to protect patient information. alloFactor is unique in that it does not use a web browser; instead it has the familiar, intuitive Windows based interface. alloFactor automatically self-updates with the latest version, which are generally released every 2 weeks. Since it is not browser based, alloFactor can directly interface with compatible desktop products such as scanners and mobile charge capture software.

alloFactor�s business model is truly unique � it does not charge for its software modules (except optional EMR module - $35/month), customer service and setup. However it supports itself by charging a small fee for each payer transaction, typically less than what you would pay your clearinghouse to submit claims electronically.

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