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I am extremely desperate. I am actually a pediatrician which makes things worse....

I think part of it may be that you are feeling so much pressure to be perfect because you are a pediatrician, your anxiety is rolling over to your daughter. And since nursing has always been her way of soothing, the more agitated you are, the more agitated she is, the more she wants to nurse - cycle all over again.

My last baby was a preemie, and all I could think was "breast milk is best for preemies - I HAVE to pump enough" - so of course I tensed up and didn't. Which could be another reason that she is nursing so often, the more tense you are , the less milk you produce.

If you have any way of you and your husband taking 2-3 vacation days off together, and judst spending a couple of lazy days with the baby - playing, napping, rocking, nursing without being rushed - it might help with your whole attitude of relaxing. Otherwise, just set up your nursing area to be as relazing as possible: comfy rocking chair, soothing music, warm tea, etc.

The biggest thing is to relax and reaslize that even dentists get cavities sometimes!

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