All who visit this forum are welcome to express their ideas and opinions about anime. However, there are certain standards I expect all forum users to adhere to.

Here's the basic standards I expect:

1) Follow basic netiquette rules. Please, no posts featuring ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. On the internet, this is akin to shouting... and I don't think anyone wants to be shouted at here. Also, please don't aLtErNaTe CaPs, either... this is annoying and makes your post hard for forum members to read. And if at all possible, try hard to avoid chat / instant messenger speak (I'm not as strong on this, though, since I know I personally slip and include the "chat speak" from time to time on forums, but I'm trying hard to break myself of that habit).

2) No profanity, please. Also, mean-spirited remarks and other forms of insults against other users will not be tolerated.

3) No advertising, please.

4) All contests must be cleared with me by sending a private message to me through the forum. I will confirm whether or not you may post the contest.

5) Basic respect for copyright is expected. If you didn't write it, don't post it; please post a link instead.

6) Do not post links to websites that allow users to download anime series, episodes, or films for free. Downloading episodes and films for free is illegal, and it also causes the companies who help put the anime out for us to enjoy to lose money. Any links to illegal anime downloads will be deleted by the moderator.

7) Do not make posts that embed images featuring nudity or pornography. Any such posts will be deleted by the moderator.

Here are the kinds of threads that will be locked:

  • Threads that devolve into flame wars
  • Threads that have a time limit (for example, a contest thread would be locked once the contest is over, in order to avoid confusion)

And these are the kinds of threads that will be deleted:

  • Threads that don't follow basic netiquette rules
  • Threads that are purely started to advertise
  • Threads that are insulting or derogatory
  • Threads that encourage illegal activity (for example, illegal downloading)
  • Threads that are off-topic
  • Duplicate threads
  • Any threads that break any of the other standards of the forum

If you are unsure about a post, please feel free to contact me via private message and ask.

I think these rules are rather straight-forward and easy to understand and follow. So long as they are followed, we should be able to have an enjoyable time in this forum. smile

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Lesley Aeschliman