A common cause of neck pain during computer use can be the use of bifocals. People who wear bifocals tend to tilt their heads back and push their chins forward to better view the monitor. This creates neck and shoulder tension and can stress the nerves that provide power and sensation to the arms.

Optometrists can now provide you with prescription eye-wear designed specifically for computer use. The prescription is calculated for monitor distance from the eyes. This will help you avoid bifocal neck strain while working a the computer.

Additional Tips -

Keep the monitor screen clean and adjust the color and contrast for the best visual output.

Increase the size of the font when possible - for example, word processors allow you to manipulate the font size when working.

Reduce glare by computer positioning (windows should be perpendicular to the computer screen), using task lighting rather than overhead lighting, or using anti-glare screens.

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Marji-Ergonomics Editor