So, you've finished and polished a manuscript or two and want to get it circulating. How do you figure out what agents to submit to?

My first suggestion is to do your homework. Think of already-published authors who're writing the same sort of story, then find out who their agents are. Sometimes they dedicate books to, or thank their agents in the front of their books. You might also find the info on the author's website.

Another good source is the Writers Digest Guide to Literary Agents that is released each year.

I keep a list of good, established, legitimate agencies on the main Romance Novels site, if you want to peek at their websites. The AAR also has a website (linked from the RN site as well) that lists all agencies and agents who are members; and to become a member, there are ethical standards that must be followed.

One thing I'd suggest is to be very wary of anyone who goes around posting links on websites or forums (particularly without permission, as they're spamming). A good agent doesn't need to do this to find clients. Most good agents are turning down plenty of authors, including good ones, simply because they can't devote enough time to more clients.

There's plenty more suggestions, but that's a fair start for now, I think. <g>