I joined scouts later than most...I was 12. This is when most girls lose interest. I think it is important that you don't make girls do scouting because then they really won't want to and they will miss out on the amzing opportunities it provides.
My Highlights of Scouting have been:
1. Earning my Bronze Award: I pulled this together rather quickly and am glad that I did it. My leader wasn't that encouraging (I think she told me I couldn't...) but it actually made me want to do it more. Maybe she knew that would happen?
2. First Wider Op to Rochester: I went, this isn't that far from my home, and we learned a bunch about the women's right movement. In addition, I met a lot of awesome girls who made me have so much fun there. I still talk to one occasionally.
3. Silver Award: I made oddles of baby quilts and had a drive at my church for diapers, clothes, and other baby necesisties for Newborns In Need. ( NIN ). I was proud that I was able to pull it off. Plus, I really did have fun doing it.
4. Second Wider Op to Ohio: We basically just toured the area on this Wider Op but the thing that made me like it was that it was only about 18 of us so I got to know them all so well.
5. Third Wider Op to Bermuda: I realize, I just keep getting further away from home on these trips. I had a great time, it was so beautiful there. I made friends on this trip that I will keep forever.
Next...my Gold Award.
Thanks for reading, your input is welcome and appreciated smile